Quality crafted apps

Floating Clock
The missing clock for Apple Vision Pro
free visionOS
Doodle Draw
Quick and easy drawing pad
free iOSvisionOS
Second Clock
Show a second clock for a different time zone in your menu bar
free macOS
Memo Widget
Sticky notes on your Home Screen, Lock Screen, and desktop
free macOSiOS
AI Actions
AI actions for the Shortcuts app
free macOSiOS
One Task
Conquer one task at a time
paid macOSiOSvisionOS
Menu Bar Calendar
A monthly calendar, one click away
free macOS
Day Progress
Time remaining today in your menu bar
free macOS
Camera Preview
Preview your webcam and take photos
free macOS
Command X
Cut and paste files in Finder
free macOS
Easy access to ChatGPT
free macOS
Ask AI
Use ChatGPT right on your watch
paid watchOS
AI-powered audio transcription
free macOSiOSvisionOS
Send links from your iOS/visionOS devices to your Mac
free macOSiOSvisionOS
Organize your menu bar items into groups
free macOS
Amazing AI
Generate images from text using Stable Diffusion
free macOSiOS
Generate random numbers
free macOSiOSwatchOSvisionOS
Today’s schedule in your menu bar
free macOS
Plain Text Editor
Simple distraction-free notepad
free macOS
Quick Launch
Open websites, apps, and shortcuts from your Lock Screen
free iOS
Any Text
Put text on your Lock Screen, Home Screen, and desktop
free macOSiOS
Favorites Widget
Contacts on your Lock Screen, Home Screen, and desktop
free macOSiOS
Powerful browser picker
free macOS
Folder Peek
Put folders in your menu bar
free macOS
Pure Paste
Paste as plain text by default
free macOS
One Thing
Put a single task or goal in your menu bar
free macOS
Check your internet speed
free macOS
Additional actions for the Shortcuts app
free open-source macOSiOSvisionOS
Time awareness in your menu bar
free macOS
System Color Picker
The familiar color picker supercharged
free open-source macOS
UTC Time
Show the time in UTC in the menu bar or a widget
free macOS
Discover & listen to music from Hype Machine
free open-source macOS
Photo Widget
Photos on your home screen and desktop
free macOSiOS
Give the macOS share menu superpowers
free macOS
Quickly record audio
free macOS
Discover & share the best GIFs
free macOS
Pasteboard Viewer
Inspect the system pasteboards
free open-source macOSiOSvisionOS
Make any website your desktop wallpaper
free open-source macOS
Calendar events and world clocks in your menu bar
paid macOS
Convert videos to high-quality GIFs
free open-source macOS
Black Out
Hide sensitive parts of an image
paid macOS
HEIC Converter
Convert HEIC images to JPEG or PNG
free macOS
Prevent your Mac from going to sleep
paid macOS
Battery Indicator
Remaining battery time in your menu bar
paid macOS
Transform photos into blurry wallpapers
free open-source iOS




If you’re a student, open-source maintainer, Thai citizen (❤️ Thailand), or cannot afford my paid apps, reach out, and I’ll give you any of my paid apps for free.