Menu Bar Spacing

Customize the gap between menu bar items

Menu bar apps are awesome, but MacBooks have limited menu bar space. This app helps you reclaim that space by reducing the gap between menu bar items. With a single run, the app applies changes permanently, allowing you to fit more apps into the menu bar. Reverting the changes is just as simple, done within the app. If you have a large display, the app can also increase the gap between menu bar items.

  • Free
  • Requires macOS 14.5

The app includes a Shortcuts action, enabling automated spacing adjustments for various scenarios.

This app can potentially replace Bartender/Ice for some users. It also lets you fit more of my menu bar apps in your menu bar.

You may also like my Spaced app for grouping menu bar items.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a feature request, bug report, or some feedback

Click the feedback button in the app or send it here.

I can already do this from the command-line, why should I use this app?

This app makes it simpler and it also makes it possible to see the changes without having to restart your computer first.

Is it dangerous?

No. The changes are easily reversible in the app.

Do I need to keep the app running?

No. You only need to run the app once to apply the changes.

Is this a replacement for Bartender or Ice?

It depends on your needs. If you primarily use those apps to fit more items in the menu bar, this app is a good alternative.

iStat Menus disappeared when I moved the slider

Menu Bar Spacing needs to relaunch all menu bar items for changes to take effect. iStat Menus may take a while to relaunch. If it doesn’t reappear, try moving the slider again. Restarting your computer will definitely fix it.

Can you add more features?

No. This app is intentionally simple and focused.

Can it have per-app configurations?

No. It applies globally only.

Can I have different spacing for when I’m using the built-in display and when using a connected larger display?

No, not in the app. However, the app comes with an action for Shortcuts, so you could automate it. Create a shortcut for each display that uses the “Set Menu Bar Spacing” action, then create a “Monitor” trigger in the Shortery app.

Note: The setting is global. Changing it will interrupt any ongoing screen recording or sharing, as it restarts some system processes to apply changes immediately.

Why is this not in the App Store?

The app works by changing hidden system settings, which is not allowed on the App Store.

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