Day Progress

Time remaining today in your menu bar

Use this as a visual cue to stay motivated and manage time more efficiently.

You can customize your day’s start and end times, even allowing for a day’s end past midnight, such as 2 AM.

Choose between a progress pie or bar, showcasing it with a percentage, the remaining time, or minutes left.


Time presets

You can use the Shortcuts app to make time presets. For example, you can make a shortcut that sets the day range to 13:00 - 18:00 and run it on the days where you want that range, and another shortcut to reset it back to the normal day range. Example shortcut.

Countdown from 8 hours when you decide

You can use a shortcut to make it count down 8 hours from when you decide. Example shortcut.

Make the day range be sunrise to sunset for the current location

Run this shortcut every day using Shortery and you will always have the correct sunrise and sunset times.

Different day ranges for some days of the week

Make a shortcut for each of the different day ranges and use the Shortery app to run the shortcut on the correct days.

Reminder about shortcuts

A shortcut can be run from the menu bar, using a global keyboard shortcut, from Spotlight, or from Raycast. You can even use Shortery to make it run automatically, for example, when you change to the work focus.

Hide the system clock

You could use Day Progress as an abstract clock instead of the system clock, to minimize anxiety and distraction from time, enhancing focus and productivity.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to fully hide the built-in menu bar clock. However, you could make it an analog clock, which makes it a lot less visible. In “System Settings › Control Center › Clock Options”, choose the analog clock and disable showing the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a feature request, bug report, or some feedback

Send it here.

The app does not show up in the menu bar

macOS hides menu bar apps when there is no space left in the menu bar. This is a common problem on MacBooks with a notch. Try quitting some other menu bar apps to free up space. If this does not solve it, try quitting Bartender if you have it installed.

Can you add widgets?

I plan to add it later this year.

Can you add support for iOS?

I plan to do that at some point.

Can you support more countdown ranges, like until the end of the week or a certain date?

There are already lots of apps for counting down to a specific date. I wanted to make something more unique. Also, the app name is “Day Progress”.

Can you support specifying different day range for different days of the week?

I have chosen not to add this at the moment as it will add a lot of complexity to the app. Additionally, I believe it could lead to a cascade of numerous scheduling feature requests, deviating from the app’s original purpose - providing a general percentage of the day’s progress. It’s also worth considering that each day can vary significantly. There could be instances where your day starts later than anticipated, making it challenging to stick to a strict schedule. However, I’m exploring an option to include a daily configurable prompt that would ask you to input the day’s start and end time.

You can actually already achieve this yourself. See the tips section.

Does the app provide end-of-day notifications?

At this time, the app doesn’t support this. Considering the wide-ranging user preferences of notifications, from system alerts to fullscreen notifications and differing “do not disturb” settings, I’ve opted to keep the app straightforward and not include notifications for now.

Can it show a progress bar for how much time I have left in my life?

This is out of scope for this app, and there are existing apps for that already.

Can you localize the app into my language?

I do not plan to localize the app.

Where can I find the changelog?

Go here and click “Version History”.

More FAQs…

Older Versions

Non-App Store Version

A special version for users that cannot access the App Store. It won’t receive automatic updates. I will update it here once a year.

Download (1.4.0)

Requires macOS 14 or later