Any Text

Put any text on the Lock Screen

This app was previously called Lock Screen One.

The app provides Lock Screen widgets where you can write any kind of text. It could be an important note, your goal, a list of tasks, etc.

iPhone-only for now. iPad version will come when iPadOS supports Lock Screen widgets (probably iPadOS 17).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I add the widget to the Lock Screen?

When on the Lock Screen, tap and hold on the clock, tap the “Customize” button, and select “Any Text”.

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The widget does not show up in the widget picker

This is a well known iOS 16 issue. Try this.

Can you support having multiple pieces of text that change during the day?

I would like to keep the app simple and only support one piece of text. It's kinda in the app name. However, the app comes with a shortcut action to change the text, so you could use the Shortcuts automations to change the text during the day.

Can you add support user-installed fonts?

This is unfortunately not possible as widgets cannot access user-installed fonts.

Can I make the widget horizontally centered on the Lock Screen?

This is unfortunately not possible. Apple has decided that the rectangular widget can only appear on the left or right side.

The widget does not update if I write some text in the app and then reveal the Lock Screen

You need to first close the app. This is a iOS bug.

If you work at Apple → FB11522275

The widget does not update even if I do the above

The app tells iOS to update the widget, unfortunately, iOS can decide to delay an update for various reasons (low battery, low-power mode, etc). This is completely out of my control.

The widget does not update when setting the text with the Shortcuts action

This is unfortunatly a iOS 16 bug. The app correctly tells iOS to update the widget, but iOS delays it for some reason. The text will update eventually.

If you work at Apple → FB11522170

Can you make the widget bigger?

The widget size is controlled by iOS. This is the largest size it allows.

How can I remove the date prefix from the inline widget above the clock?

iOS forces the date to be shown. This is out of my control.

The inline widget above the clock does not respect my font choice

iOS forces the text to be the same style as the prefixed date. This is out of my control.

Can it open a specific app instead when tapping the widget?

Create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app that opens the app you want, then open “Any Text”, go to one of the widgets, open settings, and set the tap action to the shortcut you just made.

Can it do nothing when tapping the widget?

iOS always opens the main app when you tap a widget. This is not something the app can control.

Why is this free without ads?

I just enjoy making apps. I earn money on other apps. Consider leaving a nice review on the App Store.

Where can I find the changelog?

Go here and click “Version History”.