UTC Time

Show the time in UTC in the menu bar or a widget

This can be useful as a quick reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The app does not show up in the menu bar

macOS hides menu bar apps when there is no space left in the menu bar. This is a common problem on MacBooks with a notch. Try quitting some other menu bar apps to free up space. If this does not solve it, try quitting Bartender if you have it installed.

Can you localize the app into my language?

The date & time output adheres to your locale settings. I don’t plan to localize the app itself.

UTC Time doesn’t show up in the menu bar

When the menu bar grows too large, macOS hides overflowing items, so UTC Time might have been hidden. Try to close some of your other menu bar apps. There’s, unfortunately, no way for apps to detect this and warn the user.

Can you add an analog clock?

I have no plans to add that.

Can you add support for other time zones?

That is outside the scope of this app, but check out my Second Clock or Dato app, which does support this.

How can I customize the menu bar date and time format?

Same answer as above.

Can it show seconds in the clock?

I don’t plan to add this. Showing seconds wastes a lot of system resources and energy as macOS is very inefficient at rendering updates in the menu bar. Instead, just enable seconds in the system clock.

Why is this free without ads?

I just enjoy making apps. Consider leaving a nice review on the App Store.

Where can I find the changelog?

Go here and click “Version History”.

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Older Versions

Non-App Store Version

A special version for users that cannot access the App Store. It won’t receive automatic updates. I will update it here once a year.

Download (1.8.0)

Requires macOS 14 or later